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august, 2021

It's now time to open up these gates again.................

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After a period of 18 months without any Regular Meetings at the Corby Masonic Complex, we are on our way back. 

It is an understatement that it has been a difficult time for all of us, and here in Corby we did have to make some decisions we would perhaps ,preferred not to have to made. but there was very little choice at that time.

What was great though,was that the members of the Corby Lodges knew the issues and agreed to help by providing extra funding so that we could continue to have our own fantastic Complex,  that we can all be rightfully proud of. 

As most of you are also aware , the Complex has undergone quite a few physical changes. 

When the plans were put together ,the Freemasons of Corby, came forward and volunteered to help and provide their own skills in achieving those changes. 

The Plumbers, Electricians , Joiners, Painters, Labourers, and the Engineers, etc. in our ranks all gave their time freely , and aided by the restart grants from the Government , they have been able to provide a clean, safe environment ready for our restart.

All of this needed a Leader and our Senior Group officer, WBro Jim Spence, with his fellow committee members WBro Steve Burton and WBro Jeff Freeman were the ones at the helm. 

In the next few weeks, I will be posting some photos showing you all what to expect on your next visit. 

Unfortunately, the decision had to be made that we would not be opening up for any Public events in the forseeable future, so the Complex will only open for Masonic Meetings.

However the Complex officers have promised to keep an open mind , and as soon as it makes sufficient financial sense to do so, this decision will be reviewed. 

The Masonic Meetings are all on the Calendar , but keep an eye on what’s happening at the Complex and in the Corby area , here on the website. 

In the meantime , we all look forward to seeing you at the Complex.



Year Around Event (2021)