Sunday , June 16 2024

Celebrating St.Georges day

Following on from celebrating Burns night and St.Patricks day at Thistle & Rose Lodge #6644 , it was time to celebrate St.Georges day at the Festive Board.

Following an excellent raising in the temple , led by WM Andy McWilliam with his officers and a little help from visitors it was time to repair to the Festive Board which had been suitably decorated.

It was of course only right to feast on Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding with all the trimmings of course.

In between the Toasts, WBro Jack Summerfield along with a number of willing volunteers portrayed a very personalised opening and closing of a London Lodge. “Cor Blimey Guvnor!”, was heard from the assembled brethren.

Just prior to the Tylers Toast, the whole Festive Board stood up to sing Land of Hope and Glory to end what had been a marvellous meeting.

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