Monday , November 15 2021

Corbie Lodge

The initial interest in forming a new lodge for Corby Masonry began in 1982. Three years later, following considerable efforts, a group of twenty one founders had been drawn together. Thistle & Rose Lodge No. 6644 , the first Corby lodge had consented to sponsor the new lodge.

The founders submitted a petition for the formation of the lodge and received the approval of the Provincial Grand Master at the time, namely R.W. Bro R Sandbach, who with his assisting officers, subsequently   conducted the Consecration ceremony on Saturday 11 May 1985 at the Masonic Hall, Rockingham Road, Corby. The consecrating officials, the founders and the assembled visitors, numbering a total of 122, then joined in a joyful Festive Board celebrating the occasion.

The first regular Lodge meeting took place on 18th September 1985 with the first WM, Bro R.B. Gamble. The dedication ceremony for the Lodge banner took place in November of that year.

The lodge banner depicts the Thistle & Rose in deference to the its Mother Lodge. The Willowbrook lodge 7439 (which still meets in Kettering) provided the majority of the founders and a Willowbrook is on the banner. The prominent feature is of course the Corby Raven, for cebturies the symbol of the town. The rocks shown depict the solid history of the area typified by nearby Kirby Hall. The spelling of “Corbie” is taken from the Domesday spelling of the settlement in 1086.

Based on an article contributed by Bro J Robertson and W Bro A.W.G. Carlyle PPJrJGW and published in “The History of the Province of Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire Volume 2” published in 1997.