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Thistle & Rose Royal Arch get their Banner

During the Thistle & Rose Chapter 6644 summer committee meeting in 2022, Scribe, E Comp. Stephen Seward raised the subject of having a chapter Banner manufactured ask if those present thought it a good idea After submitting a rough design and receiving a quotation for the work, it was put to the membership for their view and Steve was delegated oversee the project.

A first draft of the design of the banner was sent to SGC in London for their approval, after three months they responded with their requirements. These were followed and a second draft was submitted. Again, following another three months and several e mails SGC responded with further requirements including a complete colour change.  A third draft was then sent and finally this draft was approved.

Following a recommendation, it was agreed to entrust the manufacture of the banner to a Mrs Heather Everett. Heather runs her business from her cottage in the North Devon Town of South Moulton on the edge of Exmoor. Just as a matter of interest, Heather began this career by chance when after completing her degree in art & design which included embroidery at Manchester Uni, when a friend of her father who were both Freemasons in Devon was shown some of her work and commented that their Lodge was looking to have a Banner made and she could probably make a decent job of it. Well apparently, she did and following this the word spread and the rest is history.

In July 2023 , I was on holiday in North Devon with my wife and took the opportunity to visit Heather at her cottage to see the banner being manufactured. We were made very welcome by Heather who presented the Banner at its very early stage of manufacture in her workshop. Although our Banner was at an early stage, she showed us the materials she would use and took the opportunity for me to select the shades of colours I would prefer. Heather also showed us photos of Banners she has made for Lodges & Chapters all over the Country and further afield, she had just quoted for the manufacture of a Banner in Cairo.

So it was that on the 9th April 2024 a full Provincial team led by The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent E Comp Jim Boughton came to Corby to dedicate the new Chapter Banner, which was to be performed by The Three Provincial Grand Principals, and assisted by the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, and a number of T&R Companions. There were over eighty E Companions and Companions in attendance and a splendid evening was had by all, rounding off the evening with  a happy and friendly festive board.

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