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HomeStart Corby Details

A Message from the Senior Group Officer for Corby

I recently received word from the Provincial Grand Master and Gerry Crawford that Home Start UK has been selected as 1 of the charities the Masonic Charitable Foundation is helping and the project is called BIG HOPES BIG FUTURE.

It is always pleasing to hear we are helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

To this end CORBY has been selected as centre that needs our help. We sit in open Lodge and hear the charity Steward asking the brethren to sign up to the 2024 festival which is supporting the MCF. It is always pleasing to hear we have helped other worthy catastrophes with our donations there is nothing better when you realise it is coming home. PLEASE SUPPORT THE FESTIVAL.

Attached is the flyer that was sent to me from the Home Start Corby manager Maggie Mackay after I had a meeting to understand where we can help. 

The MCF is giving financial help but we can help in other ways

  •  It could be donating household items that can be recycled and distributed. Furniture / Bedding / Bicycles that are no longer wanted. They have a few workshops if needed to work on these items before sending out.
  •  Volunteers always required as the flyer says perhaps to work in the workshops.
  •  Maybe a Mason / partner or family member with skills to help out with home visits
  •  Specialist Training will be given by HOMESTART to those interested.
  •  Maybe practical help in and around the home would be required. 

As I say I have had a preliminary meeting with Maggie but will continue meet on a regular basis.

If any person wants more information please contact myself or Maggie Mackay whose details are on the flyer.

I am hoping we can give this the same support as the Autumn Centre and Pen Green Centre and many other local charities that have benefitted from us in the past.


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