Friday , June 14 2024

Remembrance Sunday in Corby and Desborough

In CORBY we will assemble at the TA centre near Tesco’s superstore at 10am and leave at 10:30 to walk to the war memorial where we will meet up with Ronnie Stone.


W Bro Jim Spence will be laying  a wreath on behalf of the Province and Ronnie on behalf of Corby Freemasons. 


We have been lucky to have a growing number of Brethren join us to pay our respects to those that have given so much over the years.


It is appreciated that there are Brethren who are involved in other organisations and will be with them.

Please continue to give them that support as a Fraternity we will be always be associated with the community.


Following the event we have the option to gather afterwards at the Complex to warm up, and Jason has arranged for staff to be on.

For those attending in Desborough

Harry Twelvetree  has confirmed that there is a parade which will be assembling at the CO-OP supermarket at 10:15 and for those that don’t want to march or can’t there is a church service at 10am. Alternatively you can assemble at the war memorial at 10:45.

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