Sunday , June 16 2024

Half way there……..

On Friday 8th September , Lodge of Heritage 9344, installed it’s new WM for the coming season.

Corby craft Lodges have all there Installations during September and October every year. This followed on from St.Giles Lodge 8736 just 3 days prior. With Ferraria , Thistle & Rose and Corbie Lodge to come , it’s a busy 6 weeks for the brethren at all our Lodges.

Our senior Group Officer, WBro Jim Spence provided a few details from the Heritage installation.

 It has been 2 years in coming and WBr Stuart Paul installed Br Gareth Evans in exemplary manner.

Stuart you have been a staunch supporter of the lodge of Instruction and have been an ambassador for Heritage Lodge as past masters have done in years gone by.

 I have to say it was so nice to see Bro Bill Kelly in attendance, sorely missed and I do hope he enjoyed the night.

 WBr Bob Lyman you were outstanding in your delivery of the address to the wardens.

 I’m sure the APGM WBr Tim Almond went away happy with the night’s proceedings. Well he did win a raffle prize.

 A different Provincial posse last night supporting the APGM on this occasion.

 Now I did take a few pictures for a change and I apologise to WBr A Thurlow for chopping him in half in 1 of them. Blame the ADC WBr G Bagniuk for turning up late for the photo shoot. ????

 I’m sure WBr David Docherty and WBr Tom Hall will have enjoyed themselves after it was over.

 I look forward to watching the new team this year.

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