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Ferraria Lodge #8489 enjoy their 50th Anniversary

In 1972 , there were 2 Lodges classed as being from Corby, Thistle & Rose #6644 which had been formed in 1948 and Willowbrook #7439 consecrated in 1956. 

There was a tremendous interest in Corby to join Freemasonry so it was decided that another Lodge should be formed and an initial group of 12 members from Thistle & Rose and Willowbrook came together to understand and work out what was required for this new Lodge.

It was on Friday 7th April 1972 that the initial meeting took place, and throughout the following 12 months a lot of work and investigation took place. Deciding on a name , then the form of the Lodge design, who would be the first officers to take their place, what the dress code would be and even which ritual would be used.

Having had a vote the name was settled on as Ferraria and the badge was to be based on the old iron forge from which the name was derived.  The petition was duly filled out and sent to UGLE for their review.

On December 19th 1972 it was revealed to the Founder members that it had been successful and the Lodge number would be 8489. It was now down to completing and getting agreed the plans for the other items required with the Northants and Hunts Provincial Grand Lodge.

So it was on May 19th 1973 , Ferraria was consecrated as a Lodge in the Kettering Masonic Hall, as Corby had yet to have it’s own building. Some 12 years later this was realised, and Ferraria have called the Corby Masonic Complex ,its home ever since.

The Officers of Ferraria Lodge gather for a group photo
WBro Barry Cole presenting the Mauls to the Officers prior to the meeting.
Presentation done, it was now time to find out if they worked !!

To celebrate this event over 70 brethren gathered together and to commemorate it , a new set of bespoke mauls and striking plates were presented to the WM from the sole surviving Founder member, W.Bro Barry Cole. The mauls had been handcrafted by WBro Rolly Scotney in Oundle, the leather work by Loakes in Kettering and the artwork completed in Peterborough, so it was totally created in the Province.

The 25th and the 50th WM in front of the Ferraria Board
The brethren ready to begin their dining at the Festive Board.

The Festive Board was enjoyed by the Brethren, with the Secretary providing a brief history of how the Lodge was created , along with the names of a few of the Founders and their work which has resulted in the Lodge being in excellent health and having over 50 members today.

A special Birthday Cake was kindly made by the wife of Bro Phil Mason, and this was obviously enjoyed by all.

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