Friday , June 14 2024

Ferraria Ladies Night, “Oh what a night!”

A quite remarkable 167 Friends, Family and Brethren of Ferraria Lodge along with members of other Lodges sat down for an excellent 4 course evening meal. 

This was followed by a number of speeches and after the room was re-arranged we were treated to some fantastic entertainment provided by New Vintage Plus.

It was Jayne Skillen’s night and along with her husband Richie, the Ferraria Worshipful master they were given a rousing reception as they entered the dining hall after the introductions which had been held in the Temple had been completed.

Chef Garry along with Caroline and the whole of the serving and bar staff did a fabulous job the whole evening. To provide and serve so many people in such a short time was remarkable.

Here are just a few photos from the evening. 

As those who attended and had their own photos taken, the ones taken by WBro Jack Summerfield both prior to entering the temple are available on the Corbymasons Facebook page and also on the private Ferraria Ladies Festival Facebook page. These along with those here can be saved to your own devices if you so wish.

I know both Richie and Jayne would like to thank you all again for attending and making it such a special night for them both. 


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