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Did you know – Mark Masonry

The Mark Degree is known as the “Friendly Degree” – all Master Masons are eligible to join.


Nationally there are now some 45,000 Mark Masons in over 1700 Mark Lodges within 37 Provinces. Our Province of ‘Northants & Hunts’ is a relatively new one, constituted in 1985 having been split from the former Province of Northampton, Huntingdon and Bedford,

which has existed since 1894.

The Province has a membership of just over 600 in the degree covering 16 lodges.

Here at Corby our Mark Lodge, Rockingham Lodge of MMM 1645 is the 2nd youngest Mark lodge in the Province. In 2014 we celebrated our silver jubilee (25 years) and dedicated our banner , we have even supported two other lodges in achieving their banner.

Through our extensive charity fund raising we became the 1st lodge in this province to become a Grand Patron Gold lodge ( Charity Jewel) as well as achieving Keystone Jewel status. Both of the Jewels were presented to our WM (John Edwards) at the Provincial meeting on 27th June 2015 by the Deputy Grand Master RWBro H Keith Emerson.

The Mark Degree is the third largest Degree in Freemasonry and is considered by those who are members of it to be ‘the fourth regular step in Freemasonry’.

The Mark Degree is one of encouragement and the Ritual is built on a single verse from Psalm 118: ‘The stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner’. It deals with the building of King Solomon’s Temple and the various craftsman employed – but its real message is one of the contemplation of human strengths and weaknesses.

After the three degrees of Craft Freemasonry, many brethren look to make a daily advancement in masonic knowledge as instructed in the Charge after Initiation, and this degree certainly does that. It appears that it grew out of an ancient ceremony in which each craftsman selected for himself a private mark, with which he might designate his particular work and this mark was duly registered with the constituted authority.

The Mark Degree is an important Order for many reasons. Next to the Craft and Royal Arch it is the largest of the Masonic orders and has stood the test of ages.

Unlike many other Orders this degree combines Masonic thought with a lightness of touch and acknowledged friendliness, but it is far from frivolous and teaches a sound moral lesson.

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