Friday , June 14 2024

Corby Masonic Club AGM 21st June





Agenda 21st June 7.30pm


  1. Welcome & Introduction – Chairman


  1. The Chairman to declare

In – accordance with the resolution carried at the EGM on the 9th March 2016, the revised rules and regulations are now adopted.


  1. To read the minutes of the AGM 16th June 2015 – Secretary


  1. Chairman’s Report


  1. Treasurer’s Report  – Acting Treasurer


  1. Adoption of Accounts for 2015/16

Proposed WBro D Genner, seconded WBro D Docherty.


  1. Proposition received
  • A full review of capitation and other fees of the Complex

Proposer – W Bro W Docherty, Seconder – W Bro J Freeman

A working group under the chairmanship of the Senior Group Officer comprising the committee representative of each member Craft Lodges be formed to review and recommend changes to the capitation and other fees charged by the complex, to report back to the committee at the October 16 meeting, the secretary to arrange required meetings.

  1. Election of Chairman / Secretary and Treasurer on a rolling 3 year program, initial rota
  • Treasurer – position to be elected for 2016/17
  • Secretary – position to be elected for 2016/17 &17/18
  • Chairman – position to be elected for 2016/17 &17/18 & 18/19

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