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A Lewis Lift

Submitted by WBro Jack Summerfield.


I have detail of a Lewis lift*** with a difference – The Lewis was named Lewis!

On Friday 22nd March, Bro Lewis William Harman, was initiated into the Thistle and Rose Lodge No. 6644 at Corby Masonic Complex. Proposed into Freemasonry by his father WBro Glen Harman PPGReg and seconded by the Lodge’s current Worshipful Master WBro Steve Burton PProvSGD


The initiation ceremony was also conducted by his father WBro Glenn Harman, who is currently the Director of Ceremonies and was Master of the Lodge in 2006. WBro Glen was very proud to initiate his youngest son Lewis into Freemasonry and pleased that he conducted the obligation, lesser lights and entrustment.


Bro Lewis, a Health & Safety Manager, has been keen to join freemasonry for some time. In his youth he represented both Corby and the County playing football and is a keen supporter of both Manchester United and Scotland


Both Bro Lewis and WBro Glen are both looking forward to the Lodge’s famous Burns night ceremony & festive board in January 2020, as that will be the occasion of Bro Lewis’ passing ceremony. However – before that Bro Lewis has another important ceremony to partake in. He will be marrying his long-time girlfriend Rochelle in June.

*** For those who don’t know what a Lewis lift is here’s the description from Wikipedia and a couple of photos. (You can also check it out on the SW station!!)

lewis (sometimes called a lewisson) is one of a category of lifting devices used by stonemasons to lift large stones into place with a crane, chain block, or winch. It is inserted into a specially prepared hole, or seating, in the top of a stone, directly above its centre of mass. It works by applying principles of the lever and utilises the weight of the stone to act on the long lever-arms which in turn results in a very high reaction force and friction where the short lever-arms make contact with the stone inside the hole and thereby prevents slipping.



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