Saturday , November 28 2020

Corby and Chicheley Masons visit the Anglo Scottish Lodge in Sheaf Close

A large contingent of Corby Masons along with Chicheley Lodge supported WBro Alex Henderson on his official visit to Anglo Scottish Lodge #8844.

The visitors from Corby and Chicheley
In the Temple
Trying the chair out for size

WBr John Fergusson was the excellent host and I am sure the Anglo Scottish lodge has not had so much hilarity at a festive board for a while.

 Excellent candidate being raised was Bro Hunt and his father was the SD.  As ever the Corby lads were successful with the raffle prizes.

Bro John Fowler with the Visitors speech
Look who won a Raffle Prize !!
WBro Jim Spence, who incidentally did NOT win a Raffle Prize!!

Warm up for the annual visit to GQS in June where I am sure the fun will continue 🍷🍻🍺

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