Sunday , June 21 2020

St. Giles Lodge White Table December 1st

A White Table is a night where the Lodge members can bring their families and friends and just give them an idea of what Masonry is all about.

The W.M. Clyde Woods and his lady Ursula Kitching  presented a talk about their own favourite charity ‘The Little Princess Trust ‘  which supplies wigs for  children with cancer. (Why not have a look at their website by clicking here. )

As it was the Christmas meeting for St.Giles Lodge , it was necessary to not only wear the obligatory paper hats but also engage in the singing of Festive Carols,  rounding off , of course, with the ever popular “12 days of Christmas”.

The night was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by the attending Grand Lodge officers,  the members and their family, and also a number of their friends, some of whom were sufficiently impressed to enquire about joining Masonry.

A Raffle was held during the evening which raised a tremendous £300 towards the charity.

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